The geographical and historical characteristics of the area where we are located make it possible to carry out a wide range of sports, cultural and adventure activities, both for groups and individuals.

On the following website you will find a wide range of information to enrich your stay.


Cultural outings

It is located 5 km from Vic, the capital of the region, where you can find the most modern museum of Romanesque art in Catalonia; the Cathedral with the magnificent murals of the master Sert; the Leáther Art Museum, a sample of the great industry of Eláter located in this city throughout the twentieth century.

All over the region there are fantastic buildings from the first Romanesque period (with their small treasures that can be discovered by taking guided tours throughout the region).

Sporting activities

També poden consultar per a viatges amb globus. www.balotour.com

Rutes 4X4 temàtiques a Collsacabra, Sau, Guilleries, Montseny Bisaura i Lluçanes. www.anigami.cat

Archery Vall Llobera. www.arcallobera.es

Nordic Walking (excursions to move the muscles of the body to walk). www.aquaterraclub.com

Lluçanès Mountain Bike Centre and Plana Mountain Bike Centre in Vic. www.turisme.lluçanes.cat / www.osonaturisme.cat

Gymkhanas. www.anigami.cat