Ca la Manyana retains all the warmth and charm of the old Catalan village inns. Comfort, tranquillity and familiarity are the sensations that can be breathed only when passing the border of the door and that make the guests feel immediately “at home”.

It is characterized by its long-distance spirit that combines a high level of professionalism with a vocational involvement in its trade, so that it can guarantee its customers a high quality service and a warm and personalized welcome.


Ca la Manyana is the name of an old house in Sant Julià de Vilatorta, documented since 1500. It seems that this curious name comes from “locksmith” which in Catalan is called “manyà”, the name by which everyone knew the house of the locksmith of the village and which became Ca la Manyana when the housekeeper started to serve meals to the villagers who stopped.   

Ca la Manyana is now a stately two-storey building, with the facades decorated with splendid modernist sgraffito. Since 1905, the Mención family has run this hostel-restaurant, one of the best known and appreciated in the Osona region.